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Megan Gamble

Megan Gamble

Senior Account Executive

Megan began her public affairs career at BCF in 2012 and has worked in local and statewide politics for 7 years.

Megan has worked on numerous statewide ballot measure and legislative campaigns as well as regulatory efforts during her time at BCF. Her role includes coalition building and engagement for grassroots efforts, media relations, and social media management for coalitions.

Megan has worked on issue campaigns that cover a variety of areas, including local government, water, agriculture, health care, business, and environmental issues. She has a passion for learning every aspect of the differing issues that come with our diverse clients and using that knowledge to better communicate with different audiences.

Megan previously worked in Governor Jerry Brown’s press office, and before her move to Sacramento she assisted in communications for a San Diego City Council Member.

Megan has her BA in Political Science from San Diego State and her MA in Government from Sac State. Outside of the office, she enjoys sampling the local breweries and wineries, traveling as often as possible, and streaming too many shows. She also often goes by Gamble to avoid any confusion.