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Issue Management & Advocacy

Defining complex issues in credible, compelling ways.

BCF specializes in framing complex public policy matters in a manner that is digestible and compelling to influencers, the public and policy makers alike. Getting the right message in front of the right people from the right messengers is paramount to a successful issues management campaign.

Coalition Building & Grassroots Advocacy

Relationships are our business and key to your success.

After decades of working with organizations across the political spectrum, we have unparalleled third-party relationships with diverse constituencies and understand how to appeal to their self-interest in order to engage them in your issues. We know how to turn a coalition into a grassroots army – by giving allies the information, tools, and guidance necessary to make it easy for them to take action and influence public policy outcomes.

Media Relations

Managing the 24 hour news cycle.

The around-the-clock news cycle and social media echo chamber requires smart strategies and disciplined execution. We do not subscribe to the theory that all press coverage is good coverage. Sometimes you benefit from reaching the widest universe possible with your message. Other times you need to reshape the story already being told. We help our clients approach the media in a strategic way, with a message and messenger that resonates. And we know how to help you manage your message across the broad range of media and new media channels – whether print, television, radio, or social platforms. BCF also conducts intensive media training. We have trained CEOs, Board members, high-level executives, state and local politicians and novice spokespeople – helping them prepare for and succeed in difficult media interviews and political issue debates.

Crisis Communication & Reputation Management

Are you anticipating a crisis or already in the eye of the storm?

No organization, company or individual is immune from crisis. Some crises are self-inflicted, others by circumstances outside of your direct control. Are you and your organization prepared? Your immediate response to a crisis can be the difference between containment and moving beyond the crisis or losing complete control. Whether you are in the eye of the storm, anticipating a storm brewing or want to optimize your crisis preparedness, we can help. We have counseled CEOs and high level corporate and trade association executives to successfully navigate high profile crises to preserve their reputation.

Online Organizing/Social Media

Targeting, educating, persuading, and engaging through online campaigns.

We live in an increasingly digital world where people are getting more of their information from online sources. A strategic digital presence is a critical component of effective issues management, advocacy and ballot campaigns. BCF has helped numerous clients understand how to best optimize and invest in online strategies and communications, including overseeing:

  • Building and maintaining websites
  • Developing display and video advertisements
  • Developing infographics, videos and other online content
  • Online media buying and targeting
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social media presence and advertising
  • Deploying online grassroots tools

Advertising & Direct Voter Communications

Creative and effective television, radio, print, direct mail, online and social advertising.

In an increasingly crowded information era, we can help devise and execute creative, highly-effective advertising campaigns that are targeted at your key audiences. We help oversee a full suite of advertising and direct voter communications from the creative to placement.

Statewide Ballot Measure Campaigns

Appealing to California’s Diverse Electorate.

BCF has more than two decades of experience managing statewide ballot initiative campaigns including coordinating survey research, developing a winning campaign plan and strategy, developing effective coalitions, managing the media relations efforts and developing paid media and digital campaigns to target voters. Collectively the firm’s principles have worked on numerous winning campaigns including:


No on 53

Right to Vote on Revenue Bonds (Nov 2016)

No on 61

Prescription Drug Price Controls (Nov 2016)

No on 45

State Government Health Insurance Regulation (Nov 2014)

No on 46

Increase Payouts in Medical Liability Lawsuits (Nov 2014)

No on 37

Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods (Nov 2012)

Yes on 22

Protection of Local Government and Transportation Revenues from State Raids (Nov 2010)

No on 23

Attempt to Repeal CA Landmark Clean Energy Law (Nov 2010)

No on 7

Would Have Slowed Renewable Energy Development (Nov 2008)

No on 98

Eminent Domain/Rent Control (June 2008)

Yes on 99

Protect Homeowners from Eminent Domain (June 2008)

Yes on 94, 95, 96 & 97

Indian Gaming Revenue Agreements (Feb 2008)

No on 90

Eminent Domain/Regulatory Takings (Nov 2006)

No on 82

New Tax for State-Funded Preschool (June 2006)

Yes on 1A

Prevent State Raids of Local Government Funds (Nov 2004)

Yes on 55

Approval of Statewide School Bond (Mar 2004)

Yes on 40

Approval of $2.6 Billion Natural Resource Bond (Mar 2002)

Yes on 39

Approval of 55% Local School Bond Approval (Nov 2000)

Yes on 1A

Approval of Indian Gaming Amendment (Mar 2000)

No on 30/31

Defeat of Insurance Referendum (Mar 2000)

Yes on 12

Approval of Safe Parks Initiative (Mar 2000)

Yes on 13

Approval of Clean Water Initiative (Mar 2000)

Yes on 1A

Approval of $9 Billion School Bond (Nov 1998)

No on 9

Defeat of Anti-Investor Owned Utility Measure (Nov 1998)

No on 214/216

Defeat of Universal Health Care Initiatives (Nov 1996)

Yes on 126/No on 134

Alcohol Tax Measures (Nov 1990)

Yes on 123

Approval of Statewide School Bond (June 1990)